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how to solve Fake Charging Problem in mobile phones using one diode

 in this post i guide you how can solve fake charging problem in any mobile device using one 5v zener diode this is a 100% Fake charging solution i try this method many times and work successfully. first try other method to fix this problem, first change charging port and check fake charging problem solved or not. then check mobile charging supply if not solve, in last try this method for fix fake charging problem 

you can get 5v zener diode from market or any damaged or useless mobile charger 

this mobile fake charging problem i fix it by using 5v zener diode one side of 5v zener diode connect charging plus point and 2nd side connect with battery connector plus point then check voltage value from multimeter 

voltage value 4.23 is good value for fast charging 
after using 5v zener diode battery full in 40 minutes or 60 minutes then remove charger from phone 
do not charger plug charger in the mobile for more then 60 minutes.